VGK-Go! for medium- and long stump


The VGK-Go! is a Fluidic Processor Knee (FPK), and the original design in the VGK range.

It is a default stance knee with stumble recovery, which gives you a high level of safety. By continuously monitoring the motion of the knee, the VGK-Go! can detect a stumble and immediately provide high bending resistance to allow you to regain balance.

The VGK-Go! adapts well to different situations. Its sophisticated control system works in real-time, so that you can walk well at different speeds, navigate uneven terrain and perform leg-over-leg stair descent. The VGK-Go! senses these changes in walking patterns and adapts within a single step. It does so without batteries and therefore without the need for charging.

With its high level of safety and adaptable behaviour, the VGK-Go! is perfect for daily life. And without the need for charging, the VGK-Go! is perfect for adventure.

Stance security

The VGK-Go! is default stance with easy release into swing phase

Stairs & slopes

Controlled leg-over-leg stairs and slope descent

No charging

High performance, no battery charging

Stumble recovery

Knee supports bodyweight when a stumble is detected


Occasional wetting and immersion up to 5m deep

Variable cadence

Adapts within a single step to changes in walking speed

Cycling mode (optional)

Selectable cycling function with a safety catch

VGK-Go! features

  • Fluidic Processor Knee (FPK) technology
  • Default stance knee
  • Stumble recovery
  • Variable cadence
  • Controlled stair and slope descent
  • Temperature & load compensation
  • Waterproof
  • No charging required
  • Three selectable stance modes:
    • Everyday walking mode
    • Ultra-high stance resistance mode
    • Cycling mode
  • Socket delimited flexion

VGK-Go! Specifications

ApplicationKnee disarticulation, transfemoral amputation, hip
disarticulation, bilateral amputation

Suitable for use with osseointegration (requires manufacturer’s prior consent)
Activity classK1-K4
Max. bodyweight125 kg
Build height282 mm
Product weight1490 grams
Proximal connectionPyramid, M36 thread
Distal connectionPyramid, M36 thread
Max. knee angleSocket delimited
IP ratingNot applicable (not an electrical device)

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