VGK-S for short transfemoral amputees


The VGK-S is the only knee joint designed specifically for the needs of the short transfemoral amputee.

The weight of the prosthesis critical with a short transfemoral amputation because there is less muscle left to move the prosthesis. The VGK-S weighs just under 1 kg. Further, the VGK-S has taken the revolutionary approach to use the space between the end of the residual limb and the knee centre. By positioning the knee much closer to the body, you have more direct control of the knee.

The VGK-S is a Fluidic Processor Knee (FPK), which means high performance without the need for charging. It offers stumble recovery and sophisticated stance and swing phase control, which supports variable walking speeds, leg-over-leg stair descent and use on uneven terrain.

Dynamically lightweight

The VGK-S weighs less than 1 kg and is positioned close to the body, for a lightweight experience

Stumble Recovery

The VGK-S is default swing knee, with stumble recovery triggered by extension of the hip

Intuitive control

The VGK-S is controlled from the thigh, which gives you easier and intuitive control over the knee

Stairs & slopes

Controlled leg-over-leg stairs and slope descent

No charging

High performance, no battery charging


Occasional wetting and immersion up to 5m deep

Variable cadence

Adapts within a single step to changes in walking speed

Cycling mode (optional)

Selectable cycling function

VGK-S features

  • Fluidic Processor Knee (FPK) technology
  • Interruptible swing
  • Stumble recovery
  • Variable cadence
  • Controlled stair and slope descent
  • Temperature & load compensation
  • Waterproof
  • No charging required
  • Up to three selectable stance modes:
    • Everyday walking mode
    • Ultra-high stance resistance mode
    • Cycling mode (optional)
  • Selectable swing-phase lock
  • Socket delimited flexion

VGK-S Specifications

ApplicationShort transfemoral amputation, hip
disarticulation, bilateral amputation

Suitable for use with osseointegration (requires manufacturer’s prior consent)
Activity classK1-K4
Max. bodyweight100 kg
Build height210 mm
Product weight980 grams
Proximal connectionPyramid receiver
Distal connectionPyramid
Max. knee angleSocket delimited
IP ratingNot applicable (not an electrical device)

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